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Pre test requirements:


  • Before the Air Tightness Testing can be carried out we will require building plans and sections to enable us to work out the envelope area and volume of the dwelling.
  • SAP's design air permeability score to enable us to know what the maximum test score should be.
  • All works need to be completed to thermal envelope. Normally this is when all decorating is done.


Test day procedure:


  • All external windows and doors closed, apart from one door where the fan equipment is mounted.
  • All trickle vents and extractors are sealed and sink/toilet traps etc, filled with water.
  • combustion appliances turned off.
  • Internal/External temperatures are taken, along with barometric pressures.
  • Fan is run to see where any obvious signs of leaks are, and reported for rectification.
  • Main test is run at various air pressures, and within 10 minutes will be able to establish if it passes or fails.
  • If it fails then more leakage identification will be located for further rectification, and then retested.
  • If by the end of the day it still fails, we offer a no pass, no fee.
  • When it passes, a Air Pressure Testing report and certificate will usually be with you on the same day.

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